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Automatic Magic Rolling Ball

Automatic Magic Rolling Ball

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Product Information

- Power: 1.5V AA battery
- Style: One box, one ball, four different color sets
- Features: Automatic rolling ball without any touch
- Applicable areas: All kinds of cats and dogs
- Used plush soft material for the cover, non-toxic and safe.

Keep your furry friend entertained

Magic rolling ball provides endless hours of entertainment for pets, keeping them engaged and occupied. Pets can easily get bored, but magic rolling ball provides a fun and exciting way to break up the monotony of the day and keep them stimulated.

Magic rolling ball is more than just a toy

Magic rolling ball is a great way to promote exercise for pets. By chasing and playing with the ball, pets can burn off excess energy and stay active and healthy.

We care our little cuties

Magic rolling ball can also improve cognitive function in pets by challenging them to problem solve and figure out how to get the ball to move in different directions.

  • Julia A.

    "My dog absolutely loves this rolling ball! It keeps her entertained for hours, and I love that it promotes exercise and keeps her active."


  • Lisa K.

    "This magic rolling ball is the best investment I've made for my cat! She loves to play with it, and it's durable enough to withstand her claws and rough play."


  • Michael B.

    "I have two dogs, and they both go crazy over this rolling ball! It's a great way to keep them entertained and engaged, and it's so easy to use."


  • S. Kan

    "I highly recommend this magic ball to anyone having a busy schedule! It keeps your pet entertained and active, even when I don't have time to play with her myself."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Friedrich Turcotte

Ideal. My kittens delighted with the toy. Arrived in just 10 days.

William Schowalter

Our cat liked the product very much. We do not run it constantly, we take it out from time to time and leave it in front of it. Although he does not constantly chase after him, he is watching the ball. Recommend that we are satisfied.

Darrel Baumbach

My cat loves it, how bad it is tiny and sneaks under all the furniture and sofas.

Triston Goldner

It's nice but it gets lost fast because it goes where it wants hahaha

Sheila Rohan

Received in just 2 weeks. Is as shown. My cats like it because it intrigues them and the movement catches their attention and that it has light. I don't upload a photo because as it moves alone we don't know right now where it is! Hahahahaha